The European Union Recognizes That Green Energy Isn’t Always ‘Wind And Solar,’ And Janet Yellen Has To ‘Calm Down’

The European Union (EU) has been the topic of discussion with Brexit exiting its full year, but they’ve made an important determination that could change the game for some fossil fuels and nuclear power.

President Joe Biden and the entirety of the left-wing portion of politics have been screaming at everyone because they’re destroying the planet using the only source of energy that’s readily available. What a monster. Greta Thunberg is the worst, and we’re all feeling after using fossil fuels to travel 1,575 miles from Stockholm, Sweden to Glasgow, United Kingdom, to talk trash to the entire world at COP26, guilty forever allowing Thunberg to have a voice.

It’s always been an interpretation that nuclear power plants are like Cousin Eddy’s RV waste going down the sewer in front of the Griswald’s home, but that’s not precisely accurate. NEI says, “There is no fuel being burned to generate electricity which means they do not emit carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases in the process.” It’s also the red lights around the stacks that emit water vapor, not toxic Chernobyl chemicals, but those lights are there to protect aircraft from crashing into them. Who would have known?

The EU is drafting plans to label nuclear power and natural gas as green energy, which will open up the world of possibilities for implementing energy that makes sense and for everyone to exploit the “green energy” tag and possibly raise prices. Just like organic vegetables in the grocery store, there’s a price tag that comes along with anything healthy or “green,” so hopefully, that won’t be a factor moving forward for the sake of the entire world.

Investments in natural gas and nuclear projects would be deemed green provided the emission is “below 270g of CO2 equivalent per kilowatt-hour (KWh), replace a more polluting fossil fuel plant, receive a construction permit by December 31, 2030, and plan to switch to low-carbon gases by the end of 2035.” That means that if the United States adopts measures like the EU, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will have to stay out of the bank’s business when they help fund nuclear and natural gas companies.

The point is that the world realizes that solar and wind energy cannot keep up with demand in a reliable manner. That’s not a knock on trying to accomplish it, but it’s difficult for a government to hinder the energy production process based on hopes and dreams that clean energy can be achieved. That’s a recipe for disaster when every citizen needs to get power to their homes and businesses. It makes no sense. It’s like cracking a new egg and expecting to get grilled chicken. It’ll never happen without waiting for the egg to hatch.

Blackout News reported, “Due to the government-mandate coal phase-out, 11 coal-fired power plants with a total capacity of 4.7 GW were shut down on January 1, 2021.” Then, the phase-out lasted eight days because the wind didn’t provide the energy necessary to keep people with power. Also, the wind blows when it blows. You can’t force it, and it doesn’t blow all day, every day.

Good luck, Biden. You’ve got a lot of work to do with your woke agendas on climate change and the reality you will face if you keep this up.