The Explanation to Joe Biden’s Lack of Interviews is Finally Here

During the very onset of Biden’s time in the White House, the administration worked at length to keep him hidden from the public. Very quickly, it became clear the president’s handlers were not comfortable with him openly communicating with the public.

As Biden’s presidency carries out its second year, the White House is still trying to keep him on a short leash. Look no further than this past Easter. During a White House event, one of the staffers dressed up as an Easter bunny had to move Biden away from a pack of reporters.

Between this and other open gaffes that the administration has been forced to correct, it’s clear that Biden is a loose cannon.

However, when it comes to the lack of interviews the president engages in, the mystery behind this has finally been revealed, per Red State.

More Coverups From the White House

During a CNN segment, host Chris Wallace pressed White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Biden’s lack of interviews. The current president has given notably fewer interviews than others to come before him. It stands out, especially in light of all the other open issues Biden faces.

Psaki, of course, didn’t want to give an upfront answer. The White House press secretary instead dodged the question and avoided sharing the truth with the American public.

Meanwhile, Wallace laid various examples at Psaki’s feet of Biden being “sheltered” from the media. Still, even with all the examples laid out before her, the press secretary refused to vocalize the obvious answer.

The Truth About Biden’s Lack of Interviews

Psaki’s refusal to be open about Biden’s lack of interviews doesn’t make the truth any less real.

The reality is that Biden’s interviews are rare because he’s simply not up to them. Americans have seen this time and time again.

Last week, the president was asked at the White House about the immigration policy known as Title 42; yet, he replied with comments about mask mandates on airplanes.

During a recent visit to South Carolina, the president finished his speech and then stuck out his hand to absolutely no one. Before this, Biden went overseas and made reckless comments about the war in Ukraine that his administration later walked back.

The White House will never come out and openly admit that Biden is dealing with serious cognitive issues. Nevertheless, every time America gets even a glimpse at the president, this reality becomes more apparent.