The Fear of COVID is Officially Over

When COVID first emerged, many Americans were indeed fearful. Some people had no issues with shutting themselves into their homes, wearing masks, and otherwise taking measures that were marketed as COVID prevention strategies.

As time passed, though, this fear began to fade away. Growing numbers of Americans got tired of restrictions and were eager to get back to their lives. This especially became the case once a series of COVID vaccines and booster shots were readily available to the public.

Fast forward to present day and the fear of COVID is overwhelmingly finished.

Where Americans’ True Concerns Lie
A brand new survey by YouGov and The Economist clearly shows the leading concerns of Americans throughout the nation.

First on the list is inflation, with 60% of Americans having anxiety about this. News about this makes sense, seeing as inflation has the most direct effects on any American. Reminders of inflation are present when people drive by gas stations, purchase groceries, and otherwise live out their lives.

Next on the list of public concerns are crime at 51% and illegal immigration at 47%. Then, the survey revealed that 41% of Americans are concerned about abortion, while 32% worry about climate change.

Finally, last on the list of concerns was COVID at only 22%. When Americans were directly polled on their concerns about contracting the virus, 57% stated they weren’t all that worried about it. 27% even confirmed they had no worries about getting COVID at all.

In another clear sign of the times, 53% of Americans told YouGov and The Economist that the worst of COVID has passed.

Bigger Fish to Fry?
When it comes to COVID, Americans have multiple available vaccines, booster shots, and face coverings they can use for protection, if they feel so inclined.

Unfortunately, economic problems don’t have clear-cut, tangible solutions. It has since come out that months could pass before baby formula access is fully restored. At the same time, America is not out of the woods with inflation or a projected recession in roughly one year’s time.

Polls have shown that pluralities of Americans believe living costs are beginning to overpower their incomes. This is unfortunately backed up by data which confirms inflation is elevating at a rate far higher than Americans’ wages.

Economic problems continue to haunt this president and his administration. Even Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is now admonishing the Biden administration over inflation and its detrimental impacts on Americans with fewer financial resources.