The Former President Has Started to TAKE A CLOSER LOOK at the Potential VP

Trump GOING FOR Kamala?

Though many Democrats and liberal media outlets want the president to withdraw, it is evident that Donald Trump intends to challenge Joe Biden.


But as a precaution, he is beginning to question Kamala Harris.


This may be a fundraising bonanza in addition to a little reverse psychology. The more Trump claims that Biden is out of the race, the more he might harden the president’s resolve to stay in the contest. Not even by the New York Times, which published a second editorial yesterday stating that the author had grown to view himself as indispensable. He doesn’t seem to realize that he is now the issue and that his resignation is the Democrats’ greatest chance of keeping the White House.” With Biden’s disastrous debate performance, Trump is so confident of a huge win that it might influence his decision for vice president, which I’m sure will be announced at the end of this week. He had been discussing an announcement that would blow out coverage of the first few days of the Milwaukee convention next week, but he changed his mind before the convention. J.D. Vance has most likely benefited much from it as well.


During a phone conversation with Sean Hannity last night, Trump was asked if he would like to challenge Biden.


The president is “only semi-running things,” according to Trump, who also stated that those who surround the Oval Office are truly in command. “Well, we prepared for him, but I don’t think it’s going to matter,” he continued. What about the suggestion that Kamala Harris would take over if Biden stands down?

“Well, I believe it will be her,” Trump remarked. “If it’s not her, I believe they are rather worried about the vote. They don’t want to do it any other way because they are so, so—I mean, they are gun-shy. Actually, I’m starting to think that’s what they’re going to do.”


He said, “I think she’s an ineffective person; she was in charge of the border, she’s never been there, she didn’t do a good job, and she hasn’t done a job on a lot of other things, but it would seem to me from a political standpoint that’s who they’re going with.”


In those golf cart remarks that were recorded by an assistant, Trump had labeled her “pathetic”.


“Biden is dropping out!” is the subject line of two recent fundraising emails. And who is “President Kamala Harris?”.