The Gates Foundation Is In Bed With The Clintons

The list of reasons for Americans to be concerned about the Gates Foundation is very long. At the top of that list is the foundation’s funding of research into how to coerce people into taking new COVID-19 vaccines later down the line.

On top of that, Bill Gates himself has openly spoken about shifting the country to “plant-based” meat and implementing various social guidelines in the name of climate change.

However, it gets much worse. It turns out the Gates Foundation is not only pushing its own dark agendas, but it’s also aiding the Clinton family in increasing US reliance on China.

Scary Developments For America’s Future
The Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Access Initiative is designed to increase China’s power on the world stage, particularly regarding manufacturing. The endgame of this initiative is to ensure that countries around the globe are reliant on the Chinese communist regime for various products, especially healthcare-related ones.

As the Clinton Foundation works to make this happen, it’s aided by a Gates Foundation grant of over $560,000. This grant might as well be a direct investment into China, which also happens to be one of the greatest global competitors of the United States.

Unfortunately, this decision by the Gates Foundation is right on brand for Bill Gates. He has a consistent pattern of teaming up with China on various initiatives, no matter how much this hurts the United States.

Meanwhile, the Clinton family (and foundation) has also been implicated in all sorts of scandals involving foreign nations over the years.

Barely the Tip of the Iceberg
Unfortunately, the Gates and Clinton Foundations aren’t the only ones looking to benefit China at the expense of America.

In real-time, Joe Biden and Democrats across the nation are trying to outlaw the purchase of gas-powered cars within years. The goal of this is to get everyone to drive electric vehicles going forward.

Because China currently controls access to parts needed to make electric vehicles, the communist regime would directly benefit from the United States being reliant on electric vehicles for transportation.

This isn’t stopping the Biden administration from pulling out all stops to get everyone hooked on electric vehicles. As tragic as this is, many of America’s most powerful people wouldn’t hesitate to sell out this country for their own benefit.