The ‘Glaring Truth’ About Biden And His Masters

If you had the impression that President Joe Biden was making decisions, you would be very wrong. You can tell by how Biden answers questions in press conferences and how the Pentagon answers them and compares the two. They’re vastly different.

While the Pentagon says that some Americans will be stranded, Biden says that all Americans will get out of Afghanistan. Someone isn’t getting all of the memos, or the teleprompter wasn’t updated that day. According to Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the puppet of a president is the fittest and the capable president who once said that it was challenging to keep up with Biden during exercise, yeah, okay.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former lobbyist and chief of staff Ron Klain can all be seen in Biden’s policies and executive orders. They all hated former President Donald Trump. Pelosi was one of the worst. Pelosi actively blocked stimulus checks for the American people because she wanted to wait until after the election. Isn’t that bribing the American people money in exchange for a vote for Biden? And she hasn’t been fired? All she wanted was to make sure Trump’s name wasn’t on the checks.

Next, you have Harris. Harris was the diversity hire that has opened up the southern border for millions of immigrants to flood the country. Even after being put in charge of the southern border, she had to let it go as long as possible. The Supreme Court eventually stepped in and said that Biden has to reinstate Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy that held back a storm of illegal immigrants.

Ron Klain, who has been extremely quiet lately, used to be a lobbyist that would discredit his entire plan to most Americans. Klain was out in charge of the Covid-19 pandemic recovery as well as economic stability. Both have been essential talking points for Biden. In this case, Klain can be attributed to the eviction moratorium and the Covid-19 vaccine push. Both are socialist agendas that push governmental authority on the individual.

Interestingly enough, the White House hasn’t mandated the Covid-19 vaccine for their employees, but the White House will encourage other businesses to order the Covid-19 vaccine for their employees. It has gotten to a point where hospital staff are getting fired because they don’t want to take a vaccine under emergency use authorization or otherwise. It’s their choice. Many lawsuits are underway, and the companies are probably going to lose this one.

The “group think” mentality that the federal government is under is destroying the United States. High spending bills, illegal immigration, shacky military leadership, and social programs are causing the United States to head toward a recession that could have been avoided if Trump was still in office. The economy was booming, and economic recovery would have been much easier under Trump.

Trillions of dollars are being added to U.S. debt, and the taxpayer will have to pay for that. On top of the debt, the infrastructure bill would make citizens pay a millage tax on vehicles and force vehicle manufacturers to add a “breathalyzer” type device to all new vehicles.

Unconstitutional and socialist policies will be the downfall of our country if we can’t get a hold of the situation and make things happen.