The GOP Will ‘Roll Out The Red Carpet’ For Musk To Testify

The House GOP is in contact with Twitter CEO Elon Musk about testifying before the House Oversight Committee about President Biden and his son. “I have reached out to Elon Musk through backchannels to tell him that we would love for him to come before the committee,” said Rep. James Comer (R-KY). “I’m pretty confident he’s going to provide more information, but he is welcome to come before our committee. We will roll out the red carpet for Elon Musk.”

Comer praised Musk for his service to the Oversight Committee and Americans by revealing emails and correspondence between the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee and Twitter. On Oct. 28, Republicans sent Musk a letter asking him to keep relevant documents. GOP members of the committee urged Musk to reverse the trend of censoring certain news and opinions. The letter said that Twitter’s previous leadership prioritized its own worldview over free speech and information.

Comer said that the former top leaders of Twitter, including the just-fired general counsel Jim Baker, Vijaya Gadde, and Yoel Roth, will get a chillier reception. Additionally, they could also be required to testify. They all received letters Tuesday demanding they appear before the committee.

Comer wrote to Baker that his testimony would provide a critical context for understanding Twitter’s decision to block users from sharing political information. “He’s a very important person in this investigation,” Comer said of Baker, whom Musk fired for interfering with information relating to The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting. “What I want to know is, who told you that this was Russian disinformation? Did you all just make this up or was the FBI involved? Who within the Biden campaign specifically was the one that was advising you on this?” Comer asked.

After purchasing Twitter for $44 billion earlier this year, Musk has fired thousands of employees and reinstated many formerly banned right-wing users.