The ‘Great Replenishment’ Is The New Way To Flood Rural Areas With Cheap Labor

To combat depopulation and “replenish” aging communities, the UK government wants migrants to live in rural areas for five years. Government elites are focusing on outside towns instead of big cities because of a failed immigration policy.

Western countries like the UK tend to attract migrants who want to settle in urban areas. But the Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) wants rural regions to benefit from the “benefits of diversity ” too.

A number of special measures have been set out in the MAC’s most recent annual report, which was published at the beginning of December. As a result of these measures, the government intends to contribute to what is strangely dubbed the “leveling-up agenda.” The government defines it as a moral, social and economic program that is meant to “spread opportunity more equally throughout the UK.”

Rural areas like Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are among the oldest and poorest in northern Europe. The proportion of seniors in rural areas is growing partly because of internal migration from cities. Recently, older people have left places like London and Birmingham while younger people have moved in.

Even though the MAC emphasizes Scottish and Welsh demographics, rural areas across the UK could use more migrants. As young people move to cities, many agriculture, fishing, and hospitality jobs have gone unfilled. As a result, the committee suggested further lowering visa requirements.

According to the MAC, migrants on new rural visas should be tied to the countryside for around five years until they are granted permanent residency. Afterward, they could move anywhere they wished.

By ‘replenishing’ local communities to “level them up,” the British government can’t hide the brutally obvious fact that it is replacing its own citizens with foreigners.

There are often fierce opposition and condemnation from native populations in response to any concept of deliberate planning to replace native populations with migrants. That is why the practice is called “the Great Replacement.”

Whether you call it the Great Replacement or the Great Replenishment, the fact remains that something that should not be allowed to happen is indeed taking place.