The Justice Department Covering Up Potential Crimes Of Biden Administration

There’s no denying the upcoming midterm elections have the White House very much on edge. During a recent Democratic National Committee campaign event, Joe Biden talked about how much he’ll be using his “veto pen” if Republicans take back control of Congress.

The vice president recently spoke at the same event, claiming a GOP-led Congress will come after the individual rights of Americans. Democratic lawmakers, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), have gone as far as saying democracy will die if Democrats lose the midterms.

All things considered, it’s not shocking to learn the White House is planning to do all it can do to keep Congress under Democratic control. However, at least some of what the White House has in store is potentially illegal.

To make matters worse, the Justice Department is keeping the whole thing very close to the vest.

What Every American Needs to Know
Last March, Joe Biden signed an executive order that’s supposedly geared towards expanding access to voting. The issue arises in the fact that the White House itself is now working to give left-wing organizations a boost via federal agency action.

By law, states are the responsible parties for overseeing their elections. Whereas the content of Biden’s executive order directly instructs federal agencies to promote various groups and directly fight back against so-called “misinformation.”

Americans have warned Biden’s executive order is dangerous, oversteps constitutional bounds, and serves as a one-man effort to federalize state-run elections.

Amid these concerns, the Justice Department is sitting on over one dozen pages of documents that directly explain what all the Biden administration is having federal agencies do in the name of “voter access.”

If all is by the book, then there’s no reason why the Department of Justice can’t release these details for public consumption. The decision to keep this information under lock and key is what’s raising so many red flags.

A Danger to Democracy?
If the president is taking illegal actions to hand the midterms to his own party, America deserves to know about it before it’s too late.

Finally, the actions of both the Biden administration and the Justice Department couldn’t be more ironic. For over a year, Democrats have been screaming about the “danger to democracy” posed by people’s reactions toward elections.

Yet, the White House is keeping its own elections-related activities very much under wraps.