The Kabuki Vetting Of The Afghans

Vetting processes are only as good as the information that’s documented and handed down. In law enforcement, there are times that national databases can take 30 minutes to an hour to get data back, specifically when you have to reach out to individual agencies when you’re confirming a warrant someone might have or trying to verify their identity when they’re from a different area. There are times when those warrants were approved, but it was discovered well after the officers moved along with their day. We’re not talking about violent warrants but traffic, civil, or minor crime misdemeanors.

If no database exists or a database that’s faulty or not updated, how can we know who’s leaving Afghanistan while trying to vet these people? The Bagram, Afghanistan Air force Base was given up long before the United States, and other planes were finished evacuating Afghans and U.S. citizens. In Bagram, there’s a prison, and funny thing, the Taliban let all the prisoners out. The prison held ISIS members, Al Qaeda members, and many other terrorists who have been sentenced to jail over the last 20 years. All members of terrorist organizations and others had plenty of time to make it to the Kabul, Afghanistan airport that the United States controlled.

All of this is important when considering who might have left Afghanistan. In some of the first flights, it seems to be primarily men who made their exit. Still, Afghans in danger, such as women and children, deserve the opportunity to leave before an oppressive organization, the Taliban, controls them.

Some have mixed feelings about the individuals who are leaving, but it’s important to note that Afghans who worked with the U.S. military weren’t always the most trusted individuals in the country. Sean Parnell, former U.S. Army platoon leader, told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that an interpreter that had been vetted and worked with the United States had sold them out and planted IEDs to kill them. Sometimes you have to look at “no record” as suspicion when it comes to immigration. Still, when it comes to the Biden administration, the southern border is also a significant issue along with the Afghan’s that left Afghanistan.

Is there no length that the radical Democrats will go to push the socialist agenda they hold so near and dear to their heart? Just like the proposed rush citizenship for illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border and Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 4 voting rights bill, Biden seems to be looking for votes and support, but it will be met with resentment.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was rushed, and it shows. Reports are coming out that the Taliban were running security outside of the Kabul, Afghanistan airport, and Biden turned down the opportunity for the U.S. military to control the city of Kabul until they left. The Taliban may have allowed the suicide bombers through security checks that killed at least 13 military members, injured over 50, and killed well over 100 Afghans. Taliban checkpoints were set up, and reports suggested that Americans and Special Immigrant Visa holders couldn’t come through.

Afghanistan in 2021 was a disaster and was much more deadly than many of the previous years. Not only for the U.S. military but for Afghans. The continued effort of the Taliban to gain control and keep control is expected to be a disaster and highly deadly to Afghans.