The Left Continues To Treat Black Americans As If They’re “Incapable”

The left in the United States hinders Black Americans by indulging them and assuming they can’t figure anything out for themselves. It’s that kind of thinking that caused segregation and discrimination in the first place.

When highlighting the importance of Black Americans and their contribution to society, please take a look at Entrebeliever, which Timothy Dixon and Gabriel Moore founded, both Black Americans who haven’t only built their clothing brands but also helped and encouraged others to do the same with their mentorship and classes that they offer through their training packages.

Dixon and Moore say, “Our expertise spans from starting Art of Homage in our living rooms six years ago to now owning four brands and purchasing our own 15,000 SW Compound that houses all of our brands.”

Every story is different, but to suggest that Black Americans are less capable doesn’t line up with reality.

Jason Riley authored a book called “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Hard For Blacks To Succeed.

Riley said, “Much more troubling is that half a century after the civil rights wars were waged and won, liberalism is still far more concerned in finding excuses for blacks than in reevaluating attempts to help them.”

Leftist ideologies ruin America and Black Americans’ dreams for themselves and their families. The less accountability someone has, the more likely they will continue negative behavior with the false reality that it’s acceptable and encouraged. A lack of laws and punishment on anyone will only make them act more violently aggressively and have no remorse for their actions. The modern-day liberal has made it acceptable to act this way for Black Americans and anyone who appears to side with them.

Black Americans want more police in their communities, they have the identification to vote, and the ones who voted for Biden didn’t do so just because they’re Black or the ones who voted for Trump didn’t do so because they’re an “Uncle Tom.”

George Soros-funded district attorneys are becoming a bigger problem across the country as they let violent criminals go free. More specifically, in New York, Los Angeles, and other large cities, the riots of 2020 resulted in thousands of charges being dropped across the country.

Some say that people were arrested to suppress their first amendment rights, but thousands of dollars of merchandise are stolen when windows of businesses are smashed. Businesses are burnt to the ground, and it’s time to start upholding charges and convicting people.

New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg is one of the notable district attorneys who is weak on crime. Bragg has been handing out lighter sentences.

The US will head in a better direction when consistency among every race, gender, ethnicity, and religion. Until then, there will always be discrimination against one group of people. It starts with treating people fairly in the judicial system.