The Left is Continuing Its Attacks on Law Enforcement

Defunding the police caused a lot of damage in America. It hurt communities, subjected innocent people to senseless violence, and hurt the morale of law enforcement officers.

In light of all the damage that stemmed from defunding the police, the establishment wing of the Democrat Party has worked to do damage control.

A huge part of this damage control involves leftists like Joe Biden and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saying that Democrats aren’t about defunding the police. During certain public speeches, Biden has even said that America must “fund the police.”

This is far from a widely accepted view within the Democrat Party. To this very day, left-wing attacks on police offices continue to exist.

Backlash Against Training Centers for Law Enforcement
In states like Georgia, Alabama, and others, construction workers who are building training centers for police, firefighters, and other first responders are being physically targeted with Molotov cocktails and other dangerous threats.

This situation has become so widespread that the FBI is involved. At this time, FBI investigations are digging into the folks crossing state lines in order to attack these construction workers and what they’re building.

Multiple arrests have been made. Many of the people taken into custody are folks from states like Rhode Island, Virginia, and other communities that are far removed from training centers for law enforcement officers.

In another demonstration of anti-law enforcement hatred, left-wing demonstrators are putting together unlawful encampments for the purposes of obstruction.

Due to the managed nature of these uprisings, some officials believe these demonstrators are being packed and funded by advocacy groups.

Radio Silence From Top Democrats
The president has not come out to openly condemn or disavow the threats being made against construction workers doing their jobs.

Biden talked about the need for police reform and proper funding. Training facilities would play a role in these endeavors; however, the people hurling Molotov cocktails, illegally trespassing, and otherwise causing problems are showing what they really think about law enforcement.

It is easy for a president and his allies in Congress to claim their party doesn’t support defunding the police. However, these claims don’t hold up against the actual actions from members of the Democrat Party.

Sitting, elected Democrats, such as Rep. Cori Bush (D-MA) are on record reiterating their support for defunding the police.

Ironically, Bush has loads of private security to safeguard her from the type of harm coming upon construction workers who are trying to build training facilities for first responders.