The Left Seems to Be Doubling Down on Their Stance When It Comes to President Biden.


I think Democrats will publicly declare Joe Biden a terrific president for at least 48 hours after he withdraws from the race. They will then thank the “Lord Almighty” in private for pressuring Joe to resign.


They are aware that Biden hasn’t exactly been a fantastic president. Had it been the case, he would not have had the lowest approval ratings of any president in the modern era. Biden has led an ineffective, solitary, secretive, and dishonest White House.


Long before his disastrous debate with former President Trump, Joe Biden was having troubles. Furthermore, age was unrelated to his most notable mistakes. Originally, the public’s distaste for Biden stemmed from the catastrophic and fatal withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was ostensibly masterminded by the President. They abandoned him even more when it came to inflation, which the White House attributed to everything but Biden’s careless spending. When millions of people entered the nation illegally, and the White House chose to ignore the situation, it became the top worry among voters, which further damaged the president’s reputation. Biden waited until then to act.


“Restore some decency to the office, restore some support for the middle class instead of trickle-down economics both from the middle out and the bottom up the way the wealthy still do fine, everyone does better,” was the president’s stated accomplishment since 2020, according to an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

Regarding “restoring decency,” many would disagree, particularly in light of the obscene Pride festivities that have embarrassed our country’s White House and the rumors that Hunter, Biden’s dubious son, is attending meetings there. However, there is no denying the middle class’s predicament under Biden; over most of his presidency, inflation has outpaced wage increases, resulting in a decline in both their actual wages and quality of life. When Biden became office in January 2021, the real disposable personal income in the country was $18,107; by May, the St. Louis Fed reported the figure had dropped to $16,999.


Furthermore, 65% of Americans who earn more than 200% of the federal poverty level, or at least $60,000 for a family of four, which is considered middle class, indicated they are having financial difficulties in a recent survey of 2,500 people.


Does Joe Biden truly believe he has brought the nation together? According to surveys, Americans believe there is greater division in our country than ever before. According to a startling May Marist poll, almost half of Americans believe that another American civil war is imminent.


Spending excessive sums of taxpayer money—more than any other administration—largely to purchase votes is what Biden has done to win over his fellow Democrats. Unprecedented and unnecessary government expenditure has sparked inflation that is harmful while simultaneously supporting economic progress.