The Left’s Extremism Keeps Driving Voters to Conservatism

There used to be a middle ground in this country that Republicans and Democrats would battle for. Moderates felt at home in either party, confident that they would still have a home in their party of choice as they fought for whatever their primary issue was. If you felt strongly about women’s rights, you could call yourself a Democrat and not have to sign on to lunatic ideas like infanticide or the rejection of biology. No longer.

To call yourself a Democrat means that you must support abortion on demand and pretend there are no biological differences between men and women. For the last few years moderate Democrats have smiled and endured the lunatic wing of their party, hoping that the current fads would fade into the background.

There was a hope that there would be a return to classical liberalism to combat the acceptance of the nonsensical equity agenda and the impossible green agenda. Instead, the Democratic party has continued to descend further and further into non-reality.

As a result, stalwart democrats like Dave Rubin and Bill Maher have found themselves labeled conservatives. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, they did not leave the party, the party left them. As parents across the country deal with school boards who seem intent on making their children feel bad about themselves because of the color of their skin and teachers who want to have sexuality discussions with kindergartners, one thing is clear: the middle ground no longer exists.

If you do not buy into the narrative of the current regime wholeheartedly you are branded a racist or worse. The Democratic party is currently held hostage by far-left Marxists who hate America. There is no place for moderates in the Democratic party anymore.

The Democrats are headed for generational losses in the mid-terms this November. When that happens, they can take stock of the situation and ask themselves what needs to change to become relevant again. If history is any predictor, they will refuse to do that and instead will double or triple down on the exact policies that led to their historic defeat. We may say a situation where the Democrat party slides into oblivion. Conservatives must be careful not to get overconfident and make sure to stay connected to their constituents and reality.