The McCloskey’s Temporarily Have Their Law License ‘Suspended’

Self-defense laws are essential for courts to recognize, but it seems that in the McCloskey case, self-defense didn’t exist.

The couple, who are attorneys, pointed their guns at protesters as the protesters entered their gated community with threats and chants against police following the death of George Floyd. The couple felt they had to protect their property. Otherwise, it could be destroyed. The couple wasn’t wrong because the entire country had watched Black Lives Matter protesters burn down cities across the country.

The McCloskey’s have had their law license suspended for one year due and have been mandated to take 100 hours of pro-bono work as their punishment for their “crimes.”

There have been calls for a permanent ban instead of a 1-year suspension, but that doesn’t fit the crime.

It’s also interesting to see such punishment be enforced on something that had nothing to do with the crime. McCloskey’s law license has nothing to do with pointing a weapon at protesters and removing a source of income from the family.

Mark McCloskey told KCUR Radio, “I disagree with the Missouri Supreme Court that what we did on our front porch constituted a misdemeanor offense involving moral turpitude. I don’t think we acted in moral turpitude at all.”

It’s the justice system in the United States. The government is looking to silence anyone who disagrees with them on the second amendment or specific policies that they push forward. If they get the opportunity, they silence anyone that gets in their way.

McCloskey also said, “I will respectfully cooperate with and fully perform my probation.”

Though the original charges were felonies, that doesn’t mean the McCloskey’s were guilty of anything, and they should have been found innocent on any charges. The only person guilty of a crime is Patricia McCloskey, who held the gun as she had never seen one before.

Though the two were pardoned, Missouri state law allows a court to sentence someone for punishment.

Mark is currently a Missouri Senate candidate, and the charge and the media attention are getting him free press right now. There’s no doubt that Mark would be a strong candidate because of his experience with the law and the situation with the protests. It’s not like McCloskey asked for this, he was placed in this situation at random and did everything he could do to keep himself, his family, and his neighborhood safe from a mob of people he believed were there to hurt him.