The Morning Briefing: History Will Not Be Kind To The Biden Train-Wreck Presidency

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, all these presidents have something in common. They revolutionized the position of President of the United States, even though Biden was the first president to revolutionize cognitive decline in the presidency. He’s awful. Has anyone else noticed? The guy can’t keep it together, and it’s getting much worse. Dementia isn’t something to take lightly, especially if someone is in a position to make significant decisions. It’s sad.

History has been kind to many presidents over the years. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves and was killed for it. Thomas Jefferson was a leading writer of the Declaration of Independence, which held all men and women equally, and even though he owned slaves, he was kind to them and spent a lot of time educating them.

History will look at Biden through the lens of the future. His actions have been historically negative for the United States, and with his current track record, it will continue. Inflation hasn’t hit yet, and illegal immigrant numbers haven’t been determined, and the effects of illegal immigration on the U.S. economy haven’t happened yet. All of these things are expected to contribute to inflation and the U.S. job market in the years to come.

Although we see it slowly, Afghanistan will be placed in textbooks in a matter of paragraphs. Trump’s withdrawal plan will be put side-by-side with Biden’s actions. History will tear Biden a new one for how he handed Afghanistan to the Taliban, which provided the Taliban with a brand-new partnership with the Chinese government.

History will show the resistance to the Biden administration’s policies and how hard the American people tried to stop him, but they couldn’t. Gasoline prices, grocery store prices, and other things will shine brightly from 2021 on, like the old magnets that went on refrigerators that reflected commodities prices over the years. The graph will show that prices went down under Trump and skyrocketed under Biden.

Oil independence was obtained under Trump, and instead of being a celebration, it was met with resistance from the left, and Biden has begun importing oil from other countries.

The ineptness of Biden’s statements will serve as a stark reminder to people who have never met him that he is unsuitable to be President of the United States. A correlation to cognitive decline and leading policies will show that Biden was unfit for his position, and his supporters will raise questions. Nixon will be a thing of the past, and Hunter Biden will take his place along with his father, Joe Biden.

The most prominent thing history will show is how dangerous it is for every branch of democracy to be placed in one political party’s hands. The House, Senate, and Presidency are in the Democrat’s hands, and you can feel the country changing directions slowly, but you’re unable to stop it.

College students, business professionals, and average citizens are starting to wake up to the detriment of the left. They are beginning to feel the tension of mask-wearing, vaccine mandates, and price increases that didn’t have to happen.

Biden isn’t going to look good in the eyes of the future. His policies will last years, and the impacts will harm Americans even more than they are now. We see the beginning, and our kids will see the end.