The Nine Worst Unemployment Rates In The Country Are In Areas Run By Democrats

The Democrat’s dream for universal income becomes a reality as unemployment is highest in Democrat-run states. Federal unemployment is at 5.4%, and national unemployment expires on September 4th, 2021.

While Democrats likely won’t extend federal unemployment benefits, several key states are still the highest in the country. When unemployment benefits are reduced, people will go back to work. Businesses in the United States can’t meet their capacity goals, not because of Covid-19, but because they can’t find employees. Of course, the Democrats blame wage rates, but the truth is those small businesses, and many big companies can’t match the $950 weekly pay that unemployment gives.

According to the Bureau of Labor Standard, Nevada, California, New Mexico, New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Illinois have unemployment rates over 7%, well over the national average. Those states mentioned all have one thing in common, and they’re Democrat-run states. Not only do those states have the highest unemployment rates, but those states have cities with the highest crime rate as well. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Stockton, and Albuquerque rank very high on the crime rate scale.

The Bureau of Labor Standard also noted that the lowest unemployment rate is all Republican-run states. Nebraska, Utah, South Dakota, and New Hampshire all have an unemployment rate under 3%. The American dream lives in Republican states.

When federal unemployment benefits run out, the nation is seeing a shock and a race to employment that could leave thousands, if not millions, unemployed and no longer able to provide for their families. When the rent is due, the eviction moratorium will no longer exist, and it could leave millions of people on the street fighting for the opportunity for the Democrats too, yet again, bail them out. And the Democrats will be there. And the taxpayers will pay for it. If you ever wonder why there are no drug tests for government benefits, most who pay into the government benefit system have to take drug tests to pay taxes to assist people who may not even require the assistance.

Government benefits are fraudulently obtained more than you would realize. According to the Federal Safety Net, “Improper welfare payments, including welfare fraud, are estimated to be 15.6% of all federal welfare payments made and totaled $129 billion in the fiscal year 2020. This estimate is based on reports from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), The General Accounting Office (GAO), and an Inspector General report.”

Unemployment has done more damage than good, even if the damage isn’t yet seen. The effect of unemployment will have a lasting impact as it comes to an end, and with fewer police officers than we once had, crime will rise, and who will be there to stop it?