The Problems in America Look Intentional At This Point

The United States has a lot of problems that will take quite some time to come back from. As a matter of fact, issues like supply chain hold-ups, skyrocketing inflation, and expensive gas prices could take years to completely fix.

At every turn, the Biden administration has been called upon to put in place solutions to the issues facing the American public. Policies such as reducing federal spending levels, permitting oil and gas leases to go through, and walking back bans against US pipelines would go a long way.

Despite the necessity of some real changes, the Biden administration is refusing to put anything into motion. Now, growing numbers of people are warning that the problems the nation faces are being intentionally set in place.

An Enemy to American Prosperity?
On a multitude of issues, the Biden administration has essentially shrugged its shoulders and demonstrated a complete disregard for what Americans are up against.

The White House argues that buying electric vehicles is the path forward for Americans who aren’t pleased with high gas prices. Meanwhile, electric vehicles are in low supply with very expensive prices that most folks can’t afford.

Gas is getting close to $10.00 per gallon, with gas stations even changing the layout of their price signs to reflect double-digit costs. However, the White House just blocked multiple oil and gas leases that would have passed in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

As wildfires rage in places like California, the US Forest Service Chief is putting a stop to prescribed burns, critical measures used to stop first fires. There’s been absolutely no announcement on what will replace prescribed burns, though.

What’s Driving This Intentional Sabotage?
The midterm elections are quickly coming up, while the 2024 presidential election isn’t too far behind. The White House, just like the rest of the country, can see it’s only a matter of time before Democrats lose power.

Therefore, many Americans believe Democrats want to rip down as much of society as possible, in order to get closer to a new society that’s run based upon left-wing principles and agendas.

This is what many Americans have come to associate with the president’s infamous “build back better” slogan. Nothing about what’s happening in the country today is conducive to a “better” life for the everyday American.

However, when it comes to Democrats getting their way, it is “better” for them to create the appearance that policies like energy independence, gas-fueled vehicles, and limited government are ineffective.