The Red Wave And The Law Based Suicide Methodology

No matter how the elections went, Democrats aren’t going to pause and rethink their plan. They haven’t ever done that before, so what makes anyone think they would do that now?  

They’re doubling down with their push to blame former President Donald Trump and blame White people for the election results. It doesn’t take a long time to search for Black American support for conservative-minded candidates and find. It’s racist to assume that all Black Americans vote Democrat and support Democrat ideas.  

Ever since former President Barack Obama got elected, Democrats have acted as though they’re the only political party. Things got more racial during that time, and it hasn’t stopped. Remember when people would say that you didn’t vote for Obama because you were racist? That hasn’t stopped. Every time a Democrat loses, it’s because of race. The over politicization of race has caused more of a division in every community in the country. Even Black Americans are discriminated against by all races of Democrats, even their race.  

It’s finally come to a head with Critical Race Theory. For some reason, I can’t think of why people are against racism of all kinds. Oh yeah, it’s because people aren’t inherently racist, and race isn’t as big of a problem as the Democrat party makes it out to be.  

Critical Race Theory was the biggest issue in the Virginia Gubernatorial election, and Glenn Youngkin won against Democrat contender Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe said that parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach, and it backfired for him. The election wasn’t about racial issues, Covid-19, or taxes. It was about parents’ ability to make changes in their school system if they saw fit.  

Of course, this comes after the Biden administration came after parents in the form of suggesting they’re domestic terrorists. Technically it was Merrick Garland, but he’s as much a part of the administration as Obama still is. Remember Pelosi saying the “Obama agenda?” Yeah, don’t get that confused with old age.  

These policies and misdirection of a political party have created the Trump wave, and it hasn’t ended because politicians haven’t ended it. They’ve pushed their socialist views and more government control down our throats, and that’s not what America is about. America is about freedom of decision-making, medical choice, and the ability to live a life without governmental control. It lost every election besides this one.

Seattle, Washington even voted in a Republican city attorney. That’s a wild turn of events. It turns out if you allow anarchy to take over, people don’t like you.  

Bring it on 2022, and the midterm is going to be wild.