The Taliban Is Not Kinder, Gentler, Or Capable Of Running A Country

The Taliban isn’t a different faction under the same name. They’re the same. There is still fighting with resistance forces inside the country, and they’re still killing citizens and United States allies.

According to a resistance fighter, the Taliban have recently killed the former police chief of Orgon District of Paktya.

“The Terrorist Taliban atrocities continue. Yesterday, the terrorist Taliban killed Sabeel Khan, a former Police Chief of the Orgon District of Paktya province. Taliban are Terrorists #DoNotRecognizeTaliban #NRF #Afghanistan.”

The Taliban is trying to get the U.S. to release $10 billion in funds, which should not be released under any circumstances. That money should be taken and used for something else, and whatever President Joe Biden wants to use it for would be far more beneficial than allowing the Taliban to use it for whatever they want to.

Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told the Associated Press, “Sanctions against Afghanistan would not have any benefit.”

That’s an arrogant position to hold for a terrorist organization, but they have to beg for it because they can’t get it otherwise.

Muttaqi also said, “Making Afghanistan unstable or having a weak Afghan government is not in the interest of anyone.”

There’s a lot of problems with that statement. Why would it be the U.S. that makes the Afghan government strong? The Taliban took control because they wanted to be in control. If they couldn’t handle it, they shouldn’t have taken control.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “These legal proceedings cannot be ignored, and they have resulted in the temporary suspension of any movement of funds through at least the end of the year, if not longer.”

Though there was a deal signed in February 2020 for the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, former President Donald Trump held the Taliban accountable for their actions while U.S. troops were still in Afghanistan. The Taliban moved the timeline, and Biden abided by the Taliban’s rules when the withdrawal occurred.

Biden tried to sell the idea to the American people and said, “Every day we are on the ground is another day we know ISIS-K is trying to target the airport and attack both us and allied forces, as well as innocent civilians.”

But wait, the Biden administration’s idea was to abandon the Bagram Air Base where prisoners were being held. They created this situation, and then ISIS-K blew up a gate at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport killing 13 U.S. service members.

Even though the Taliban is in the works of re-integrating women into the school system and workforce, in what world would the U.S. trust the Taliban? They might be in the government position, but they are nowhere near a government entity.