The US Department of Energy is Being Sued

The energy policies put in place by the Biden administration have long come under scrutiny. To this day, many Americans are not pleased with the measures taken that impede oil leases, oil drilling, and the operations of pipelines.

The backlash against Biden-era policies has worsened, owing to the president going overseas to get oil from foreign nations. There are many energy companies here in America that are quite capable of domestic energy production. Yet, Biden’s chosen to go a different route.

Lately, that route has entailed dipping into the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserves, a supply of oil generally used for national emergencies. However, it’s specifically this use of the reserves that now have the Department of Energy facing a lawsuit.

What to Know About the Lawsuit Against the Energy Department
The watchdog organization known as the Functional Government Initiative (FGI) sued the Energy Department after the latter declined to hand over documentation regarding the Biden administration’s use of America’s energy reserves.

This request for the documentation was made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Meanwhile, the FGI’s investigation dates all the way back to January.

In a statement regarding this lawsuit, FGI stressed that each time Biden dips into Strategic Petroleum Reserves, he’s ensuring the United States is less prepared for an actual emergency that could appear.

FGI also explained that nationwide emergencies don’t include a president using the reserves to improve his poll numbers or offset damages done by his energy policies.

Therefore, the watchdog is seeking documentation about the White House’s use of these reserves to learn whether politics is ultimately driving Biden’s use of this critical supply.

Ultimately, the lawsuit against the Energy Department is designed to stop the agency from impeding FGI’s probe.

Shipping America’s Emergency Oil to Foreign Nations
If the current use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves wasn’t bad enough, it’s since come out that Biden’s actually been sending over portions of this oil to China and additional countries.

These shipments were confirmed by customs data, leaving many Americans questioning what Biden is doing. Some conservatives have speculated the president is intentionally trying to sabotage the United States.

Others warned that Biden’s oil shipments to China are directly tied to the business deals his son, Hunter Biden, had with the communist country.

In any event, the continued draining of America’s emergency oil supply poses very real problems for the country’s future and security.