The US Military is Facing a Leadership Crisis

There are a lot of challenges facing the military these days.

For starters, recruitment levels have seriously tanked, thus putting the future of the military and national security at risk.

Fewer people today are interested in serving in the Armed Forces. Meanwhile, many others are not in the necessary physical condition that military service requires.

Then, there’s the element of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Multiple military members who refused to get these vaccines were let go. Their departure comes in spite of these vaccines having no bearing on whether someone gets COVID-19 or infects others with the virus.

Now, Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) is warning the military is in trouble, notably when it comes to leadership.

A Major Problem For America
According to Reed, subpar management on Capitol Hill and in the Pentagon has the military in a bind. Right now, the Armed Forces is struggling to keep its weapons up to par and combat issues created by a bungled supply chain.

As it stands today, the military’s combined risk of losing soldiers and supplies isn’t doing it any good. Meanwhile, Reed warns that various proposed measures, such as sending American aircraft over to Ukraine could do more harm than good.

Biden, with various military leaders under his thumb, has been more than cavalier about sending various weapons and supplies to Ukraine.

The president hasn’t shown the same interest in making sure the United States’ own military is up to par, be that in the leadership, recruitment, or weaponry department.

More Problems Facing the Military
The military leadership issues cited by Reed are barely the tip of the iceberg. Recently, news broke of the Pentagon telling soldiers to apply for food stamps if their current wages aren’t enough for them to live on.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is approving million-dollar packages to be spent for Ukraine to defend its own military.

Considering all the issues that face US soldiers and given the type of leadership coming from the top down, it’s not hard to see why recruitment levels are stagnant.

If the military’s leadership crisis isn’t fixed very quickly, there’s no telling where America’s national defense will stand in the years to come. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has shown no signs of changing current military oversight.