The Vice President’s Team is Not Doing Her Any Favors

Since late 2021, there have been on-again, off-again rumors about Vice President Kamala Harris having problems in the White House.

Some reports stated the White House wasn’t appropriately making use of Harris’ skill sets. Then, additional rumors claimed the vice president was actually being used as the fall person for the Biden administration’s mistakes.

Of course, both Harris and the Biden administration continue to deny claims of tension between herself and the White House. Still, the likelihood of multiple reports like this coming out with absolutely no basis to them is pretty low.

Meanwhile, a new story from Twitchy about the vice president’s team could explain the alleged problems she’s been having in the White House.

A Lack of Honesty Amongst Harris’ Team

This year, the vice president has come under a lot of fire for the ways she’s conducted herself in interviews or when giving public speeches. The biggest issues arise when Harris repeats herself or makes the same point in relatively short time periods and by using the same words.

When speaking in Louisiana, the vice president was criticized for referring to “the passage of time” at several moments within less than a minute. Some have compared Harris’ speeches and interview responses to a person using extra words in an essay to fulfill a word count.

However, the vice president’s team doesn’t believe that there’s a problem with her interviews or public speeches. In fact, Harris is surrounded by people who apparently believe that she’s “hit her stride” and is knocking it out of the park.

Meanwhile, a simple view of Harris’ recent speeches and interviews tells a very different story. If the vice president is surrounded by people who aren’t being honest with her about her job performance, this could explain the various reports alleging all the problems she’s having in the White House.

An Administration of Mediocrity

Last month, multiple middle-level White House staffers ducked out of a press conference they were supposed to attend, leaving reporters hanging.

Between this and the latest developments about the vice president’s personal team, it’s no wonder this administration is doing so poorly.

The Biden White House is literally crawling with officials and staffers at all levels who have no idea what they’re doing. As all of this plays out, America is facing a lot of issues and needs leaders who are up to par.

Unfortunately, this is not going to happen in the White House until a new administration is running things.