The White House Press Secretary is Being Criticized For Lying About the Border

Not long after Joe Biden got into office, border states started getting slammed with mass

The reports from Texas and Arizona are backed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data that documents record border crossings since Biden removed immigration policies from the Trump administration.

The volume of illegal immigrants pouring over the southern border is a consequence of the
president incentivizing unlawful crossings. Texas and Arizona have been forced to start sending migrants to sanctuary cities as a means of avoiding complete overload.

Recently, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocey challenged the White House about the border crossings happening with zero regard for migrants’ COVID-19 vaccination status.

In the wake of the White House denying these crossings exist, it’s taking a lot of criticism.

The Lie Heard Around the Nation

When Doocey asked why unvaccinated individuals can enter America via crossing the southern border but not via plane, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied border crossings are happening.

Despite DHS data, video evidence, and the everyday experiences of border officials, Jean-
Pierre argued that people walking across the southern border isn’t happening. When Doocey again told the press secretary that this is happening, she said Biden has “a plan” to end illegal Immigration.

The reactions to this exchange between Doocey and Jean-Pierre haven’t been good for the
White House. Many are accusing the White House of gaslighting the country in regard to what’s really happening at the southern border.

Others suggested the Biden administration is intentionally permitting illegal immigration because it fits with the Democrats’ political agenda.

A Pattern For This Press Secretary

Monday wasn’t the first time Jean-Pierre has been accused of lying in order to cover the tracks of the Biden administration.

Earlier this month, the press secretary was once again confronted by Doocey about the cost
coverage of Biden’s student loan debt program. This time, Jean-Pierre claimed Democrats did “the work” to pay for this initiative.

When the Fox News correspondent then pointed out that waived debt doesn’t “vanish,” Jean- Pierre appeared visibly stumped.

Additional criticisms of the press secretary have been directed towards her habit of turning to her binder of notes to find generic answers when tough questions are asked.