Theater Chain Removes Documentary On Gender Detransitioners

AMC Theaters, one of the largest cinema chains in the nation, removed a documentary that focused on individuals who detransitioned gender. “No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care” was to open in the chain’s theaters next month, but was abruptly pulled following backlash from LGBT groups.

The documentary was set for its release prior to protests by a group named The Queer Trans Project.

The documentary’s distributor, Deplorable Films, said that there is an “infamously repressive theocracy on the other side of the globe where ‘gender-affirming’ surgery is the only option given to gay men and women, who may otherwise be executed under law.” 

The Islamic Republic of Iran executes homosexuals but encourages gender change surgery for suspected gays.

“It is quite evident that those undertaking this crusade against this film have not had the courtesy of seeing it before taking such extreme actions to silence it,” the company said.

The Queer Trans Project wrote prior to the film’s revocation that it was “disheartening to see a respected institution like AMC Theaters provide a platform for content that further stigmatizes and marginalizes the transgender community.” 

The letter added that the “film’s screening goes against the values of inclusivity and respect that should be upheld by a company committed to providing diverse and meaningful entertainment.” 

Following AMC’s decision to pull the film, the group said that it was a “step toward fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment.”

The film’s website said that the documentary “cites 45 peer-reviewed medical and journalist articles” and interviews five people who have gender detransitioned.

The decision to pull the documentary comes on the heels of a successful showing of the Daily Wire’s “What is a Woman?” The film, starring the news site’s Matt Walsh, received more than 170 million views when streamed free over Twitter.

The documentary received a personal recommendation from Twitter owner Elon Musk, who said that every parent “should watch this.”

The film’s showing on Twitter followed it being labeled “hateful conduct” and partially blocks from view. 

Musk later retweeted the documentary, increasing its visibility.