“They Tricked Him” – Trump Trolls Biden With EMBARRASSING Statement After Getting Punked

Former President Donald Trump had a lot of fun roasting and trolling people, specifically other leaders that opposed him and the media. In one press conference, Trump stood up for himself and others when a reporter from CNN wouldn’t stop asking a question of Trump when he already answered the question. He noted that CNN treats people horribly and that CNN should be ashamed of themselves for letting him work for them. That may seem harsh at face value, but CNN consistently wrote news articles that were 100% false and missing the context of many of the truths that they claimed. One of the best moments was when a Black American reporter asked Trump about his comment about being a nationalist and implying that he had tied to White Nationalists. Trump told her very straight forward that it was a racist question. Trump said nothing like that and had every right to defend himself.

Fast forward to current times, and current President Joe Biden posed in a picture with many kids in Make America Great Again clothing. Biden says that he doesn’t discriminate over political opinion, and let’s be honest, that’s because Biden doesn’t even remember what MAGA means.

Biden seemed clueless to what was happening, and in a typical fashion, Biden had his arm nestled closely on a young girl’s waist. When is Biden going to be questioned about this? The press seems to avoid this topic when asking questions, and it’s understandable with all the chaos from Afghanistan, the southern border, and Covid-19, but for God’s sake, somebody has to ask these questions.

The most important question is, where were this young girl’s parents? With Biden’s history of inappropriate behavior with children, why did they allow this to happen, and why have others allowed the same? I can’t speak for all parents, but you have to ensure your kids are protected if the track record exists.

The funniest part of this is that Trump took a shot at Biden, saying, “These kids tricked Biden just like the Taliban.”

You can’t help but laugh at that, regardless of the political party. The Taliban gave Biden false promises that they would have never given Trump. Donald Trump did strike a withdrawal agreement with the Taliban, but comparing the two would be a significant mistake. Biden’s plan was weakened by his insidious desire to undermine Trump and his weak foreign policy. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is probably a considerable contributor to Joe Biden’s weak foreign policy because of Hunter’s foreign business dealings and drug deals with the Russian people that may have landed him in a compromised position when Hunter admitted on a video found on his laptop that Russian drug deals stole his hard drive. “Tell me why you voted for Biden, and I’ll tell you why you were wrong” should be the comeback that every conservative has for Democrat voters from now on.

On top of inappropriate child behavior and possible grooming character traits, Biden’s incoherent mental state has landed him in challenging positions with the American people. He can’t even give a scripted speech without messing up, and it’s honestly sad that Jill Biden and Biden’s entire administration have to defend his mental capacity. In times like this, a president’s mental capacity should be the last concern the people of any country should be concerned with.