Things Are Not Looking Good For Jen Psaki

As the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki is no stranger to lying. On a daily basis, Psaki spreads falsehoods in order to make the Biden administration look good and paint anyone who disagrees with the administration in a bad light.

Psaki lied about Florida’s latest education law, mask mandates, and countless other issues.

Over the past several weeks, word broke out that Psaki was negotiating a job contract with MSNBC. However, for the time being, Psaki remains as the White House press secretary and continues to do her job.

Unfortunately, the longer Psaki works as the press secretary for the White House, the more she appears to be losing touch with reality, according to Red State.

Reviewing Psaki’s Latest Emotional Breakdown

During a recent podcast appearance, Psaki unleashed a series of lies about Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education Law. The White House press secretary framed this measure as cruel and hostile towards LGBTQ+ children and their parents.

In actuality, though, the bill only states that children in classes third grade and under are not to be taught about the politics and complexities of gender identity. Unfortunately, Psaki has either not read the bill or is just lying about it.

While speaking about this new law, the White House press secretary teared up and said Florida’s law isn’t in keeping with most Americans’ viewpoints.

This is not an accurate claim. There are countless parents across the country who do not want schools teaching their very young children about transgenderism or “theories” surrounding gender.

The reality of this was evidenced as much by recent protests from parents outside of Disney in Florida.

The Bottom Line

Psaki’s latest comments about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law mirror what so many other Democrats have said about the bill.

Yet, at the end of the day, there is nothing in Florida’s law that attacks LGBTQ+ children. There’s nothing that prohibits the word “gay” from being said, contrary to Democrats dubbing the law as “Don’t Say Gay.”

It’s very dangerous for the country when the White House press secretary is going around spreading false information about laws being passed. The statements made by Psaki and others who share her views have been repeatedly debunked; yet, the lies still keep coming.

All things considered, Psaki might be better off leaving the White House and going to MSNBC after all. Consistently being in the bubble of the Biden administration doesn’t appear to be helping her out at all.