Things Are Not Looking Good for John Fetterman

In Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman is campaigning to get elected into the US Senate.

Fetterman’s candidacy has been rife with all sorts of issues, ranging from his stroke in April to his lack of transparency about his post-stroke medical records and controversies over debating his GOP opponent, Mehmet Oz.

Initially, Fetterman refused to debate Oz. Then, after the Pennsylvania Democrat took heat for this, he agreed to debate Oz, but only towards the end of October once voting had already begun in the state.

Since Fetterman’s stroke, there have been a lot of questions about his ability to hear and process information. Recently, NBC News took heat for flagging a video online that shows Fetterman slurring his words while speaking at a campaign event.

Not a Good Look for NBC
On social media, reporter Greg Price shared a video of Fetterman delivering public remarks in Pennsylvania, yet slurring at certain moments.

NBC News responded to this by claiming the video was “deceptively edited” and therefore flagging it on TikTok. A reporter with NBC News later celebrated over TikTok taking down the Fetterman video that was flagged under false pretenses.

Ironically, the reporter claimed removal of the footage was about upholding “integrity” and being authentic. However, the footage posted by Price meets both of these benchmarks.

By NBC News incorrectly saying the footage of the Pennsylvania Democrat was edited, it’s actually the network that’s lacking authenticity and integrity.

NBC News also tried to get Twitter to remove the video. Though so far, Twitter hasn’t flagged or censored the footage of Fetterman’s slurred speech.

Legitimate Concerns About Fetterman’s Health
When someone undergoes a stroke, this can seriously impact their health in ways that interfere with them carrying out certain tasks and activities.

Fetterman has long charged Oz with making fun of him for having a stroke, claiming the Republican can’t challenge him on anything else.

However, Oz is repeatedly calling out Fetterman’s soft-on-crime politics, including his comments that convicted murderers shouldn’t spend life behind bars. Oz also denied charges that he’s making fun of Fetterman’s health issues.

Although, like others, the Pennsylvania Republican has reservations about Fetterman’s reluctance to agree to multiple debates ahead of voting.

Even the Washington Post recently conceded that as Fetterman campaigns for a six-year term in the Senate, he needs to debate multiple times and release his health records.