This Biden Agenda Stuff Doesn’t Seem Very Popular

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are terrible. According to CNN, his approval rating has gotten all the way down to 42%, and if you think their progressive reporting will tell it accurately, you’re mistaken.

The massive spending bills that Democrats are holding back are getting more unpopular as more information is released. For instance, hundreds of millions of dollars are going to fight invasive plant species. Let that sink in. After the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars will help fight invasive plant species. That’s not satire.

Now, Biden’s administration is pushing the IRS into American bank accounts as well. Though the number has moved to $10,000 of total transactions, the fact remains that the federal government is trying to close in on Americans and trap them to extort them for tax dollars. Welcome to socialism.  

The southern border crisis is another issue that Americans are getting sick of. No matter how progressive you are, you have to get tired of it at some point. There aren’t record numbers of people who are flooding into Mexico. They’re coming here. And according to the new caravan of migrants, they’re ready for a fight if they aren’t let in.

There’s a reason that Biden isn’t popular. He knows that he’s not popular, and regardless of what the White House says, they know what “Let’s Go Brandon” means. They knew. The highest intelligence agencies in the world are in the United States. You know, just as well as I do, they monitor the activity that goes on in anti-Biden messages on live television. If you think they missed it, you’re out of your mind.  

Covid-19 vaccine mandates are getting Biden in hot water as well. He’s pushing for people to get fired from their job, particularly first responders, and people are noticing. A protest over the Brooklyn Bridge was made up of first responders. First, responder supporters happened this week with around 5,000 members and people holding up signs against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and anti-mandate messages.  

If Biden’s massive spending bills pass, get ready for higher prices, higher than they already are, and government intervention like it’s never been done before. There are 2500 pages, and there’s no way the people voting for it know what’s in it. These politicians have to be held accountable.