This Graphic Proves That Democrats Are Hurting Children

In 2020 and 2021, over two times more children lost their lives from Pneumonia than Covid-19. Though one life is too many, you have to conceptualize the risk of harm versus benefit to any group of people. Even if you look at the United States military, more soldiers lost their lives to suicide than they did to Covid-19 by a long shot. Still, the federal government has mandated all military personnel get the Covid-19 vaccine. None of this makes sense.  

Teachers claim to be more educated and impactful to children than even parents, especially the teacher’s unions. They decide what happens with children, not the parents.  

Putting masks on children when they go to school isn’t only ridiculous, but it can be harmful if physical activity is done while wearing a mask. A few cases in 2020 were reported that kids passed out while engaging in physical activity due to lack of oxygen. With the statistical likelihood of the Covid-19 virus being harmful to children and young adults being so low, these mandates don’t hold much weight to the argument that healthy children and young adults need to be vaccinated or wear masks at all.  

According to the New York Times, the Center for Disease Control is investigating dozens of cases where teenagers got Myocarditis, an inflamed heart, after getting the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s not a regular occurrence in teenagers.  

Though it may be rare, you have to weigh the options and circumstances to make the right choice. If lack of reporting is a factor or side effects that don’t immediately play into the numbers, it’s worth taking a serious look at. Healthy Children reported that most cases go away independently, so there’s no way to quantify how many cases went unreported.  

It isn’t just a case for teenagers but anyone considering the Covid-19 vaccine. Though there are benefits to getting the vaccine, the side effects and how they may affect each individual have to be considered when making that personal choice.  

When considering safety for children, take a look at Chicago, Illinois. In Chicago, 302 children have been shot, and 214 have died in the entire United States in 2021. Conceptualize that for a moment. Why is Mayor Lori Lightfoot still in charge if she can’t keep people safe? Mayor Lightfoot is the same person who dressed up as a superhero to “thwart” Covid-19. Has she ever dressed up to lower gun violence against children? No. She makes claims that Chicago is safer than ever, but data tells a different story.  

And honestly, if any healthcare provider or school staff had any regard for children’s safety, they would realize that children are in more danger from gang violence than Covid-19. But they don’t care about that. They’ve jumped on the leftist narrative that the only way to stay healthy is to get the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s about personal responsibility. If you live a healthy life and take precautions, you aren’t in as much danger from the Covid-19 virus as you think. They don’t want you to know that.