‘This Is Outrageous!’: Whoopi Goldberg Discovers That AOC’s ‘1%’ Tax Includes Numerous Regular People

The left has lost its base. Politics could be described as building a wall. If the foundation isn’t placed perfectly, the entire wall will fall. You place one brick at a time, and soon you’ll look up and see a perfectly positioned wall that seemed to take forever to build, but you soon realize that the extra effort was worth it.

Democrats have lost it. They built their wall on top of the sand and didn’t use mortar. Whoopie Goldberg was speaking to the other hosts of The View and brought up an important topic. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax The Rich” dress that she elegantly wore to the Met Gala. The other hosts were fascinated with her act of righteous political statement, but Goldberg said:

“For me, this is outrageous. You know because, listen, in America, you’re supposed to be able to come and turn yourself into everything, you know?”

She said this in response to her realization that the 1% of Americans that the Democrats want to tax only make $421,000 or more. While that seems like a high number, it’s not that low. It encompasses many everyday Americans and even some in the blue-collar type field, at least the owners of blue-collar businesses.

The fact that Americans don’t do math or even look up statistics anymore is ridiculous. I know that you may not have retained all that much information in school, but a quick income search of Americans would tell you that what Goldberg said is true. She may be a crucial part of the Democrat party, but it’s honorable that she’s willing to ask questions that others aren’t asking.

2021 has shown many people what politics is about and who they once supported aren’t what they seem. Social media has placed every politician on the 4.5-inch screen in everyone’s hands, and there’s no running anymore.

The funny part of all of this is that AOC will stay quiet for a few months. Mark my words, she’ll disappear and resurface in a couple of months with something else to say. Her appearance at the Met Gala with the ticket that was gifted to her has gotten her in some trouble with the ethics committee as well. She may be close to losing her position if she doesn’t stay in line. The ticket is a political gift that could easily be labeled as a bribe.

Back to The View, Joy Behar tried to save it by saying that people are “ticked off” about people like Jeff Bezos don’t paying taxes, but Behar needs to realize that Bezos employs almost 1 million employees and pays taxes. He shouldn’t pay taxes. If Bezos were taxed at a higher rate, he would probably take his company to another country, and many jobs in the United States would be lost. That would give the U.S. fewer taxes than the zero that he’s paying right now. Americans need those jobs, and after a global pandemic, they need them even more.

It seems like the Democrat party is trying to take jobs away from Americans with their tax plans and mandates, and it’s unfair to the bottom-line employees. The U.S. is fortunate to have people like Bezos who pay nothing in taxes but give Americans the opportunity to put food on their table. It’s selfish to want to tax that man for anything. That may not be a popular view, but when you conceptualize these things in reality, that’s why it makes sense not to tax Bezos and people like him.