Tim Scott Declares GOP Race ‘Over’

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said last week that the Republican presidential primary was effectively complete, with former President Donald Trump on the verge of winning the nomination. Scott made the comments after endorsing Trump but before Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) left the presidential race.

Scott said that he endorsed the former president because “America needs a strong, clear, defiant president to restore law and order from sea to shining sea. See, we need a president who understands how to ignite our economy.”

He further said that Trump “understands giving Americans their money back is the only way to actual economic prosperity that will lower inflation, lower interest rates and help first-time homebuyers–help our nation continue as the dominant economy on the planet.”

The South Carolina senator argued that President Joe Biden needs to be “fired” due to his poor track record on the economy and that the president has “no clue how to stand up to our adversaries and he has no clue how to be committed to our allies.”

Despite the fact that Trump is still opposed in the primary, Scott said that the “race is already over” He said that it was “time for this Republican Party to focus only on one person, and that is eliminating Joe Biden by electing Donald Trump.”

Following the endorsement, Scott said that Trump’s tenure included a “stronger economy, a healthy military and a safer world.”

DeSantis made the announcement he was suspending his campaign on Sunday. The move came after his second-place finish in Iowa and a number of polls showing him trailing both Trump and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) in the New Hampshire primary race.

DeSantis faced heavy pressure to exit the race, including the possibility of losing his home state primary in Florida should he remain in.

During the same announcement, the Florida governor announced that he would be supporting Trump, stating that the former president was the best chance to defeat the political left. He also decried what he called efforts to stop Trump’s policy initiatives while president.