Tom Cotton Goes Total Beast Mode On Terry McAuliffe After ‘Tiki Torchers’ Reportedly Exposed

In one of the most ridiculous “false flag” attempts that’s probably ever been recorded, Democrats in Virginia have single-handedly made their party look like complete idiots if they could look any worse. 

In an attempt to make Glenn Youngkin look bad, The Lincoln Project, who is taking responsibility, sent men and women to a Glenn Youngkin rally with a white button-up shirt, khaki’s, sunglasses, and these tiki torches. It was their way of showing that Republicans are okay with White Supremacy, but it didn’t go as well as they thought. It just made them look like idiots. 

Amid the crowd of white shirt tiki torch holders was a Black American gentleman. He was a White Supremacist, too. 

Elizabeth Holmes jumped on the story a little bit too quickly. Never waste a good fake story, though, right?

The Lincoln Project said, “Today’s demonstration was our way of reminding Virginians what happened in Charlottesville four years ago, the Republican Party’s embrace of those values, and Glenn Youngkin’s failure to condemn it.”

They were a little late in their reaction. A few people had already outed the participants well before the statement was released, and accounts were going private.


There’s still an uproar of Democrats flipping the story into something that it isn’t. The fact that nobody at the rally seemed to react to the protesters told the story that needed to be told. They knew it was fake and wanted a reaction to “act” their way into making people believe that they supported Youngkin. What happened was plan B, not plan A. 

Tom Cotton (R-AR) took the opportunity to make a perfect statement. “Terry McAuliffe is so desperate that his staffers are dressing up like Ralph Northam. It won’t work.”

Everyone remembers Northam dressing up as a Black American in his yearbook. That didn’t age well. 

The fact that politicians and political organizations can do this type of thing and their party still supports them is kind of phenomenal. Imagine Republicans doing this. Democrats would go crazy and call them everything in the book. Republicans wouldn’t appreciate it very much, either.