Trans Activists Stage ‘Die-In’ Protest Hours After Transgender Shooter Killed Six

On Monday night, just hours after a transgender individual committed a mass shooting at a Christian school, a group of transgender activists staged a “die-in” on the floor of the Texas state capitol.

The radical left-wing activists arrived at the Texas Capitol late Monday night and stayed until Tuesday morning, sprawling out on the floor of the building to protest a bill banning minors from receiving transgender surgeries and puberty blockers.

While proponents of the bill argue that the bill protects children from permanent mutilation and sterilization, the radical activists held their “die-in” to symbolize the transgender lives that will supposedly be lost if Texas passes HB 1686.

Critics blasted the activists’ actions on Twitter, condemning the “narcissism” of the protesters and the poor timing of their stunt — as earlier that day, a 28-year-old woman claiming to be a transgender man murdered three adults and three 9-year-old children at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee.

“A trans die-in after a trans person killed six people including three children is the height of absurdity. Maybe if trans people really wanted to stop trans people from dying, they should encourage more access to suicide hotlines,” responded Brandon Morse, deputy managing editor for RedState.

“I really want to say this in the nicest way possible: If a church staged a ‘die in’ after a Christian killed a bunch of people at a gay bar, that would be interpreted as a mockery of the victims. That is what is happening here,” another popular Twitter account argued.

“A good reminder again that so much of the trans movement is based in narcissism,” said conservative radio host Erick Erickson.

Meanwhile, Nashville Police Chief John Drake has confirmed that the massacre of Christians carried out by the transgender shooter was a “targeted attack” — citing the fact that the woman was a former student at the school and claiming that she could have possibly had “resentment” for having to attend there.

While a “manifesto” and maps of the school drawn in detail including points of entry were all found at the shooter’s parent’s home, the police chief said that they are not ready to share their theory as to the shooter’s motive as of yet.