Trudeau Blames ‘Climate Change’ Anxiety For Anger At Politicians

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blames anger towards politicians in his nation on higher levels of anxiety caused by climate change. That, of course, is preferential in his eyes to being distrusted because of leading an increasingly authoritarian regime.

Not content with blaming the weather for increased agitation, he threw in “mentally ill” for good measure.

Preceding his startling statement was a reporter’s query about the “rise in threats that politicians are facing.” The question did not cite examples or trends. Still, there was no part of Trudeau’s answer that pointed any fingers at his or his colleague’s actions.

Instead, the prime minister ran through the pandemic, climate change, economic issues, and the rise in mental health and addiction issues, particularly concerning opioids.

Trudeau even gave himself some congratulations by claiming that Canada made it through the pandemic better than the rest of the globe. He, of course, neglected to mention the draconian COVID regulations and suppression of peaceful trucker protests that shocked the world.

The leftist Canadian prime minister sees “climate change” lurking around every corner.

Rather, climate change and right-wing extremists. Much as President Joe Biden’s administration to the south, Trudeau is in the habit of smearing any legitimate opposition as coming from extremists intent on destroying the fabric of society.

Only once in his response did he acknowledge that politicians play a role in stoking public anger. Towards the end he said that people in power should not “incite or encourage anger or frustrations.”

Other world leaders have not seen his stewardship of Canada in quite the same rosy light. Croatian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Mislave Kolakusic earlier this year called out Trudeau’s response to peaceful truckers that included freezing bank accounts of struggling workers.

German politician Christine Anderson described the prime minister as a “disgrace for any democracy.”

Trudeau and Biden are birds of a feather when it comes to blaming everyone but themselves for hot water they get into. Whether it’s the pandemic, climate change, Putin or MAGA Republicans, neither seem capable of looking inward for real solutions.