Trudeau Supports Ukrainians More Than His Own People

Canada and Justin Trudeau can stand with Ukraine all he wants to because they want democracy and freedom for the Ukrainian people, but where’s the freedom for their own citizens? Did we all forget that the Canadian truckers blocked Ottawa, Canada and many places in Canada rescinded their COVID-19 vaccine mandate? There’s still a COVID-19 vaccine mandate at the border between Canada and the United States that both Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden are ignoring, and they’re hoping you do as well.

Trudeau tweeted, “Canadians stand with the people of Ukraine.”

Simple, elegant and a complete virtue signal.

World governments have to care about the Russia-Ukraine conflict because they must take attention away from their disastrous decisions lately. Many economies are terrible and the constant mandates have placed people on their seats. What makes anyone think they wouldn’t direct your attention to something they can’t precisely control and something that will “bring people together?”

The citizens of every country have reasons to be upset with their government, and now they can all be mad at Vladimir Putin. It’s convenient and takes some heat off of their back. Or does it?

Trudeau didn’t say this without negative feedback.

One user responded, “You don’t even stand with Canadians.”

That’s a solid point. Just like Biden, Trudeau insulated half of the country with the COVID-19 mandates and his hateful rhetoric toward the opposite political side. It’s not something that should be taken lightly and people in Canada have to pay attention to these things.

Another user noted, “I find it very hard to believe you want freedom anywhere.”

Trudeau and Biden need to get their priorities in order before speaking on another country’s conflict. Trudeau even left the city when the truckers peacefully protested in Ottawa. What makes anyone think that there’s a chance that Trudeau will do anything to help the situation?