Trump Backs ‘Mother Theresa’ Comments

Former President Donald Trump repeated his argument that not even the famous nun Mother Theresa could beat the criminal charges brought against him in a New York court during an interview this weekend. The former president’s comments came as his legal team vowed to appeal the felony verdict.

“It’s weaponization, and it’s a very dangerous thing. We’ve never had that in this country,” said the former president.

“People get it. It’s a scam,” he added. “And the Republican Party… they’ve stuck together in this. They see it’s a weaponization of the Justice Department of the FBI and that’s all coming out of Washington.”

The former president said that he was tried in “maybe the worst area in the whole country for me in terms fo the vote.” He said that such prosecutions happen in “places where Republicans get virtually no votes.

The former president held a media event on Friday, denying all wrongdoing in the trial. He said that other prosecutors rejected potential prosecution in the case.

Trump also said that non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) were common in business practices and that the entire case revolved around an accounting error. The New York criminal case stemmed from allegations after a reported brief relationship between the former president and adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Despite the result, both Trump and his attorneys said that they would appeal the case. Trump attorney Alina Habba said that the former president’s legal team would take the appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

“I recommend you find the latest pause in this country from the people that live in this country, the people that need him in this country because frankly, it’s more important than anything anybody else thinks,” she said. “Our people are speaking loudly, they’re donating, they’re small donors, and they’re standing up because they’re afraid because we cannot have this happen to us.”

The attorney cited more than $50 million raised by the Trump campaign following the verdict’s announcement. Since the weekend, the number has grown even higher.

Trump also cited the fundraising numbers.

“But, the good news is that I think we’ve set a record beyond all records for fundraising,” he said.