Trump Believes Special Counsel Is ‘Losing’

Former President Donald Trump argued this week that special counsel Jack Smith is “losing” politically after losing a motion before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the former president’s potential presidential immunity. The special counsel also criticized the former president’s legal team ahead of major developments in his two federal court cases against Trump.

The former president told Breitbart News that he believes that he is beating the special counsel in public opinion. He also said that Smith’s recent legal filings are a sign that the special counsel believes that he is losing ground in his legal cases against Trump.

Trump cited his large lead in multiple polls and that Smith’s actions have helped him politically. Trump said that he would likely still be leading in the polls, “but I wouldn’t be leading by that much.”

He said that “people are really angry about the weaponization, about a political opponent, about a really dumb person taking the Justice Department — it’s really easy to figure that out because so many other countries do it, but they’re all third-world countries, and they are banana republics — but people are angry about it.”

“They don’t like seeing where someone would use the FBI, the DOJ and everything to go after a political opponent. This is the most weaponized country. We’re not respected,” said the former president.

Trump’s legal team wants Smith to be held in contempt due to his actions in the 2020 election case against the former president. Trump’s attorneys argued that Smith and two attorneys on his team should be held in contempt by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan .

Smith said that his team would continue making legal motions related to his 2020 election case. Assistant special counsel Thomas P. Windom wrote that the Trump legal team’s argument that the federal government “intentionally violated the Court’s stay order, and promoted a political agenda” was “false.”

“Government has not violated—and never intentionally would violate—an order of the Court, and the defendant’s recycled allegations of partisanship and prosecutorial misconduct remain baseless,” Windom wrote.