Trump Builds Lead In Michigan

Former President Donald Trump built a lead in Michigan according to a recent poll. The former president’s perceived strength and the weak poll numbers for President Joe Biden could be a signal that Trump was not harmed by the guilty verdict against him in a New York criminal case.

The most recent Mitchell Research/MIRS poll has Trump leading by less than 1%. Trump carries 48.2% in the poll, with Biden behind at 47.6%. The poll was taken after the jury verdict was announced.

When third-party candidates are included, the former president’s lead extends. In this case, Trump received 46.3% to Biden’s 45.1%, while independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. received 3.3%.

The latest poll is not the only one showing Trump in the lead in a vital state. The former president has shown consistent strength in a number of swing state polls.

In addition, Trump has also gained in states that voted for Biden in 2020. This includes Virginia, where Biden won by 10% four years ago. In two recent polls the two candidates are tied.

Trump is in the lead in Arizona, Florida and Nevada, according to the same Fox News poll that had the candidates tied in Virginia.

Trump has also tied Biden in Minnesota, which no Republican has won in more than 50 years. The former president noted his campaign’s strength in the state at a recent Minnesota Republican Party event, stating that his campaign would make a major push to win the state in Noivember.

There have been a number of other polls that showed Trump with significant support in traditionally Democratic states. This includes two polls that showed relatively close races in Washington and New York.

During a rally in New York last month Trump said that his campaign would make a serious push to win his former state.

He made similar comments in New Jersey to a significant crowd in that state. Trump said that he would ultimately win the Garden State in the election.