Trump, Carlson Receive Cheers At UFC Event

Former President Donald Trump received an ovation from the audience upon entering the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event in New York City over the weekend. The visit by the former president brought considerable attention to his guests at the event, including conservative media host Tucker Carlson and musician Kid Rock.

Trump arrived at the packed arena at Madison Square Garden alongside his guests, including his son Donald Trump Jr. and UFC CEO Dana White.

The announcer said that Trump, “one of the bigger mixed martial arts fans I know,” had entered the building. The former president and his entourage had prime seats near the action.

Upon the announcement and welcome music, the crowd entered into applause, with a number of pro-Trump chants breaking out. Video from the event shows the former president fist-bumping an onlooker.

The entry was caught on camera and posted around social media. Both Carlson and Donald Trump Jr. posted video of the former president’s entry into the event.

The former president has been one of the highest-profile promoters of the mixed martial arts league. The Trump Taj Mahal hosted some of the early events in the league’s history.

In addition, Trump and White have built a longstanding friendship. White was one of the speakers promoting Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

White said that he had been in the “fight business my whole life. I know fighters.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is a fighter, and I know he’ll fight for this country,” he added.

The UFC head said that other venues would not host UFC’s events and that no one took the league seriously “nobody except Donald Trump. Donald was the first guy that recognized the potential that we saw in the UFC and encouraged us to build our business.”

“In my opinion, you can really tell a person’s true character when they’re happy for somebody else’s success,” White said. “And I think that sense of loyalty and commitment will translate into how he will run this country.”