Trump Demands Judge In Fraud Trial Reverse Opinion

Former President Donald Trump sharply criticized Judge Arthur Engoron amid the ongoing fraud trial against the Trump Organization this week. The former president’s comments comes after Engoron found him liable for fraud in a ruling last week.

Trump and his legal team focused on the judge, with the former president saying that he was “wasting time with this trial. It’s a disgrace.”

The former president said that Engoron had “already made up his mind. He’s a Democrat. He’s an operative.”

At the same time, Trump attorney Alina Habba postured that the investigation into the former president by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) was political in nature. She said that the state attorney general had been investigating Trump since entering office in 2019 and that James promised to “get Trump” if elected.

Habba said that a critical part of the fraud case against Trump, that he overvalued properties, was false.

Another member of Trump’s legal team, Christopher Kise, said that the former president made no false statements in his legal documentation and that it was improper for the court to consider the testimony of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. Kise portrayed Cohen as a liar.

Cohen had stated that the former president exaggerated the value of his properties to inflate his net worth.

Furthermore, Kise also stated that there were no victims of any of the Trump Organization’s actions.

The former president called the Engoron a “rogue judge” before the Monday proceedings. Engoron will make the final decision in the case since Habba and Trump’s legal team did not request a jury trial.

Last week, the judge ruled that the former president, his family and the Trump Organization inflated his net worth “by billions of dollars.”

Trump further said that the current proceedings were “an attempt to hurt me in an election. It’s never happened before.”

James said that “no one is above the law” and argued that her investigation included millions of documents and 65 witnesses.