Trump Establishes Large Swing-State Lead

Former President Donald Trump established a significant lead over President Joe Biden in a series of swing states, according to a new poll. The most recent survey came as the former president made major gains in a series of other polls, both in swing states and nationally.

According to the most recent Cook Report/BSG/GS Strategy Group, Trump leads in all but one swing state, with one poll. The former president leads in Pennsylvania by 3%. He also is in the lead in Nevada by 8%.

The former president is also leading in Michigan by 3%. Trump leads in Arizona by 4%. He leads by the same margin in Georgia. The former president lost all of the above states to Biden.

Trump also led in a state he won in 2020, winning in North Carolina by 8%. He and the president are currently tied in Wisconsin.

When all of the swing states are averaged together, Trump is currently leading by 5%. The word came as many Americans expressed concerns about the economy, especially inflation.

Trump has established significant leads in a number of national polls, in the latest sign of difficulty for Biden.

The positive news also came as the former president made a significant push in states that traditionally vote for Democrats. This includes Minnesota, which no Republican has won in more than 50 years. Trump held a well-received speech during the state’s Republican Party’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

Trump also received considerable attention during recent rallies in the Northeast. The former president held an event in New Jersey that his campaign said attracted up to 100,000 people. Trump said that he would win New Jersey, which has not gone Republican in more than 30 years.

Furthermore, Trump held a rally in New York earlier this week. The event attracted well-wishers and came after he said that he would make his former state competitive. A recent poll showed Trump behind Biden by about 9% compared to Biden’s 23% victory in 2020.