Trump Greeted By Supporters Before California Event

Former President Donald Trump received considerable support from residents of Orange County, California as he arrived for a high-profile event. The outpouring of support came as the former president has shown significant strength in both state-level and national polls.

Crowds of supporters lined both sides of the street where Trump’s convoy passed through. Outside of a marina, the former president was also greeted by supporters in dozens of boats.

The former president attended a fundraiser hosted by a healthcare business leader and his wife. There were multiple chances to meet the former president.

This included a chance to meet him for a photo opp for $35,000 or attending the lunch event for $3,300. There was also a roundtable committee, with seats going for $100,000.

Trump has done quite well in a number of swing states that may decide the 2024 election, including in states that he narrowly lost in 2024. This includes a recent poll that showed the former president tied in Virginia.

No Republican nominee has won Virginia in 20 years.

The former president also stated that he would make significant pushes in states that have voted for Democratic Party candidates for decades.

He received a similar warm welcome during a rally in New Jersey last month. While there, the former president said that his campaign would win the state, which has not happened for a GOP candidate in several decades.

Trump also held a rally in the Bronx, in New York City. There, he was also greeted by crowds of cheering supporters. The former president said that he would make a serious play to win the state, which Biden carried by 23% last election cycle.

The former president has also been strong in several recent polls in Minnesota. No Republican has won the state in more than five decades. Trump said during a recent Minnesota Republican Party event that he would make a great effort to win the state.