Trump Leading Crucial State That Determines Presidential Election

Battleground State Backing GOP?

According to a new poll, former President Trump is still leading in a crucial state that will determine the outcome of the 2024 presidential contest.


In Nevada, Trump leads President Biden by three percentage points, according to an AARP study released on Tuesday. Of the potential Silver State voters, 48% support Trump, while 45% said they would vote for Biden in a hypothetical election held today.



When independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is taken into account, that slim lead grows to a more comfortable 7 points. Democrats in the state of Nevada have filed a lawsuit contesting Kennedy’s eligibility, claiming he is not yet eligible to appear on the ballot.


Voters over fifty (50%) expressed a greater preference for the presumed Republican nominee, Trump, over Democrat Joe Biden by a margin of double digits (53%–41%). The bright spot for Biden is that the AARP poll indicates that he continues to lead Trump among Hispanic voters in that age group, 51% to 41%.

Maria Moore, state director of AARP Nevada, stated, “That vote will matter because of our large Hispanic population.” As per the AARP news release, a 2022 Pew Research Center research, Hispanics comprise 22% of Nevada’s eligible voter population.


One of the states that will be widely followed is Nevada; it may decide who will be in the White House come election season. Since 2004, when George W. Bush sought reelection, the battleground state has not supported a Republican for president. However, Biden only won the state narrowly in 2020, with 50.06% of the vote versus Trump’s 47.67% vote share.


According to a Fox News poll conducted earlier this month, Biden was behind Trump by five points.


After current GOP Governor Joe Lombardo defeated Democratic incumbent Governor Steve Sisolak in the 2022 election, Republicans are confident they can flip the state.


In a guest post for the New York Times, Lombardo recently asserted that Nevada voters are unhappy with Biden’s management of the economy.


“If recent polling on Democratic candidates in Nevada is any indication, and I think it is, Mr. Biden has a big problem to overcome because, after three and a half years, Nevadans are losing confidence in him to do something meaningful about inflation and housing and are left with the feeling that he just doesn’t get it,” he stated.



According to the AARP survey, just 40% of voters who are older than 50 mostly agree with Biden’s job performance, while 59% disagree. When it comes to Trump’s first term in office, 43% of voters over 50 disapprove of his actions, while 56% of them do.


The Nevada U.S. Senate race, in which Democratic Sen. Jacky Rosen is running for reelection against injured combat veteran Sam Brown, a Republican opponent, was also included in the study. With the support of Hispanic voters, Rosen led Brown 47% to 42% among voters of all ages in the poll.


“Rosen is leading because of the margin among Hispanic and Latino voters,” according to pollster Bob Ward.


According to the AARP survey, the economy, growing food prices, immigration, and border security were the top concerns for voters in Nevada.


Split-ticket voters, according to Impact Research pollster Jeff Liszt, will be the decisive factor in the next election.