Trump Makes Major Gains In National Polling

Former President Donald Trump gained in three national polls released this month in the latest indication of momentum behind his campaign. The national polls are part of a wider trend showing Trump leading in a series of surveys in swing states.

The former president built significant leads over President Joe Biden in several polls.

According to the latest HarrisX/Harris poll, the former president is now ahead by 8%. Trump is also leading in the latest Echelon Insights poll by 5%. the former president has a narrower lead of 1% according to the latest YouGov survey.

Furthermore, the former president’s leads contrast with small leads Biden held the same time last year.

Trump is also leading Biden by 6% in a recent CNN poll. The survey showed the former president with 49% and Biden with 43%.

When independent candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy are included in other surveys, Trump’s lead often grows.

Voters have also rated Trump’s time in the White House higher than that of Biden.

A recent New York Times/Siena poll showed that 42% of Americans believe that Trump’s tenure was “mostly good for America.” Only 25% believe the same about Biden.

Furthermore, the proportion of Americans who view Trump as a “safe choice” has increased by 11% over the last eight years. The former president is also leading on the question of stewardship of the economy and whether or not he left the country better than when he entered office.

The former president has led on a variety of issues, according to recent polls. When voters are asked about whether or not Biden or Trump would be better tackling issues facing the country, Trump leads on most of them. This includes vital issues such as the economy, crime, inflation and the border.

Furthermore, Trump is ahead in most swing states, according to recent polling. If the results hold up in the November election, these states would be enough for Trump to win the election and return to the White House.