Trump Makes Major Gains In Virginia

Former President Donald Trump pulled within a near-tie in Virginia in a recent poll, a state that a Republican nominee for president has not won in 20 years. The news came as the former president also established a lead in most of the swing states that may decide the 2024 election.

President Joe Biden led the former president by just 1% in the most recent Fabrizio Ward & Impact Research poll. The poll shows significant momentum for the former president, especially as Fabrizio Ward is a Republican-associated pollster and Impact is a Democratic Party-associated one.

Biden picked up 43% in the state compared to 42% for Trump. While at first blush this may appear to be negative news for the former president, he lost the state by more than 10% in 2020 and more than 5% in 2016. The results show that Trump may be making a play for states that Democrats won in both election cycles.

The former president said last year that his campaign would make a “heavy play” for a number of states that have voted for Democrats for president in recent cycles. He specifically mentioned New York, Jew Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico and Minnesota.

Another recent poll showed the former president close to Biden in Minnesota. Trump’s campaign announced that he would campaign in the state later this week. Trump came surprisingly close to winning the state in 2020, which no Republican has won since former President Richard Nixon in 1972.

The poll also showed more good news for Republicans and the former president.

The survey had Virginia Gov. Glenn Younkin (R) with a particularly positive approval rating. A full 53% of Virginia’s voters approved of Youngkin, while only 36% disapproved.

Furthermore, Biden had a 41% approval rating in the state, with another 56% of residents disapproving. When Virginia residents were asked to remember Trump’s time in the White House, 47% approved while 49% disapproved.

Trump also held a well-attended rally in traditionally Democratic New Jersey, drawing thousands of supporters.