Trump Opens National Lead Over Biden

Former President Donald Trump is now leading President Joe Biden in another national poll. The result came as the former president has received positive news in both national and swing state polls, including after his felony conviction in a New York court last month.

According to the latest CBS News/YouGov poll the former president now leads Biden by 1% nationally. Trump comes in with 50% in the latest survey, while Biden has 49%.

Furthermore, Trump also led Biden in a series of swing states according to a recent Fox News poll.

The former president is currently ahead of Biden in Arizona and Nevada. Trump is also currently tied with Biden in Virginia. The result is the second recent result showing Trump tied with Biden in the state.

Trump has received a warm welcome during a series of campaign events over the last several months. This includes drawing a significant crowd in New Jersey, which has not voted for a Republican candidate in several decades.

Trump’s campaign said that the rally attracted up to 100,000 people and the candidate said that he would win the state in November.

The Republican nominee also received a significant crowd during a campaign event in the Bronx, in New York City. While there the former president said that he would make a major push to win his former state.

Two recent polls showed the former president within 10% of Biden in the Empire State.

Trump was welcomed by a number of citizens and boats prior to a campaign event in Orange County, California last week.

He also held a public event in Las Vegas, Nevada. While there, the former president received the support of a major police organization.

Trump also told an audience at a Minnesota Republican Party event that he would make a serious effort to win the state, which no Republican has carried in more than 50 years. Two recent polls showed Trump and Biden neck and neck in the state.