Trump Opens Polling Lead Among Older Voters

A new poll shows former President Donald Trump with a lead among older voters against President Joe Biden. The advantage could play a key advantage in the 2024 general election.

According to a new AARP poll, the former president edges out Biden among older voters. The 46-45% lead may be the difference for Trump heading into 2024. 

Joe Biden had improved on Hillary Clinton’s share of older voters in the 2020 election. Trump’s lead among the demographic put him within a whisker of returning to the White House.

According to 2020 exit polls, voters above the age of 65 supported Trump over Biden by a 52-47% margin. More importantly, this demographic represented more than 20% of the overall electorate. This share is more than all voters aged 18-29 combined.

Older voters are more likely to come out on election day, which the Trump 2024 campaign would rely on for a November win.

In addition, some states are especially older-skewing, such as the crucial swing state Pennsylvania.

The positive news for the Trump campaign does not end there. A recent Harvard/Harris poll found the former president with a five-point lead over Biden.

According to the poll, Trump leads Biden by a 45-40% margin. The poll also found the former president with a large lead over the current president among independents.

The poll also found that 64% of Americans believed that Biden should not run for a second term and that more than two-thirds believe that Biden is too old to be president.

Furthermore, if the former president was matched up against Vice President Kamala Harris, he would win that hypothetical match 47-38%.

The same poll showed Trump with a large lead over his Republican primary opponents. While Trump carried an absolute majority, with 52%, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) finished second with 12%. Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy was not far behind the Sunshine State governor, coming in third with 10%.

Trump’s lead in the primary and general election polls could play a major role in shaping the first caucuses and primary of the 2024 season.