Trump Predicts Sharp Increase In Black, Latino Vote

Former President Donald Trump said this week that he expected to get a record share of the Black and Latino vote in 2024. The former president’s comments came as he received an increase in both groups’ votes in 2020 and is now polling considerably better this year.

During a campaign event in Nevada, the former president said that he would fix every “disaster” created by President Joe Biden for “Hispanic Americans.”

Trump said that he would “start that process” on “day one.” He predicted that his campaign would “win the record share of Latino votes for the first time ever.”

“And we’ll get the highest number of African American votes ever recorded. I think pretty much everyone is agreeing on that,” he added.

Furthermore, a poll from late last year found that up to 20% of Black voters would consider casting a ballot for Trump.

The NBC News poll found that Biden had the support of only 69% of Black voters, despite winning the group with about 90% of the vote four years ago. The same poll also saw a drop of support among women.

A recent New York Times poll also found that Biden could lose about 22% of Black voters in six swing states.

Another recent poll found that Trump’s favorable ratings among the groups had increased significantly since he left office.

Another recent USA Today poll found that Biden would receive the support of 63% of Black voters in the upcoming election.

Trump also received the endorsement of several influential Black leaders. He received the support of a leader of the Rhode Island Black Lives Matter chapter. Trump was also endorsed by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who was a 2024 presidential candidate.

Scott praised the former president and campaigned with him in New Hampshire ahead of Trump’s significant victory there.

Due to the closeness of a number of states in 2020, Trump could be at a significant advantage in 2024. A significant increase for Trump among Latino and Black voters could put him over the top in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.