Trump Receives Warm Welcome From UFC

Former President Donald Trump received considerable applause when attending an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event in Newark, New Jersey, just two days after being convicted by a New York jury. The welcome came as the former president announced at the same event that he was joining the social media app TikTok.

Trump entered the arena with league CEO Dana White, and both received applause from the crowd. Trump shook hands with several people as he moved toward his seat.

Popular podcaster and UFC announcer Joe Rogan said that the “round of applause he’s getting right now is pretty staggering.”

Some of the members of the crowd chanted an obscenity against President Joe Biden. Others shouted “We love Trump.”

The former president received support from the crowd Saturday. Trump is one of the league’s most strident supporters. He has also received considerable backing from White.

“The president is now on TikTok,” said White in the first TikTok video.

“It’s my honor,” said Trump.

Trump also announced at the event that he was joining TikTok. The Trump administration attempted to ban the app or have it divested by its Chinese parent company ByteDance.

Despite this, the former president received considerable support from the public after joining the platform. Trump received more than one million followers in the hours after announcing that he was joining TikTok.

Trump received support in other ways since the verdict was announced. This includes fundraising more than $50 million for his campaign since the Thursday decision.

The event was the latest one held by Trump in New Jersey. Last month the former president held a political rally in the Garden State that his campaign claimed attracted up to 100,000 people. During the event the former president said that he would win New Jersey in November.

Trump also received a warm welcome from supporters in nearby New York last month during a rally in the Bronx. While there the former president said that he would make a major effort to win his former home state.